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Are You Sick Of Wasting Time On Social Media?

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Are you sick of wasting time on social media?


There are many ways to use social media to grow your business or brand online, it’s all a matter of focusing in on what platforms work better for your business. Since I am in the Beauty industry, I will be focusing on that with you all. The important factors to succeeding  on social media are to plan and have strategies, without those two key factors your just going to be posting for nothing. We all have specific goals we want to achieve with our business and especially with our online presence. It’s all a matter of execution and patience.

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Choosing what channels to focus on social media


It is best to only focus in on 2 maybe 3 social media channels, you will want to use your time wisely and perfect and tweek your social media game on very few platforms. There is no sense in trying to focus on all of these social media channels at once, we already have enough work to do in our daily life that we don’t need to be doing that and running 6 or 7 social media accounts. Within the Beauty Industry it is all very much visual and everyone wants to see photos of your end results as well as videos of how you got those end results. The best platforms for someone in Beauty would be Instagram, Pinterest and even Youtube. These 3 platforms are all extremely visual channels and you are able to post photos and videos, you are also able to drive the right type of organic traffic to your website or blog from these channels, especially Pinterest. Instagram has many different ways to reach your audience, your feed, your stories, highlights, and IGTV.

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Planning your content


Creating an editorial calendar for your content, both social media posts, videos and your blog post are best executed when you have a written plan in front of you. I am now creating my content all at once, which is also known as batching. I took this 5 day content sprint challenge created by Your Content Empire, that has everything you will need to pre plan all your content. Having everything written out in front of you allows you to see the month at a glance and allows you to be well prepared. I believe that taking this challenge has really changed my view on my content strategy and now that I am implementing it I am going to be extremely prepared for all the content I am producing weather it be blog posts, social media or newsletters. Get your content organized and in order so that you can focus on other aspects of your day to day business.      

Our strategy game plan


Glammer Studio has specific strategies put in place for each main platform that we use, then we use a website called If This Then That to automatically set triggers off to all of my other social media platforms. For each post that I put out on Instagram and Pinterest there is special triggers that automatically publish my content on Facebook, Facebook Pages & Groups, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Reddit. It makes things much easier for me and it still is like I am active on all of my account, when really I am not.




Instagram Strategy- Having a cohesive theme on your feed with the same colors to go with your brand. Your bio on your feed is your business card, tell them exactly what you do in 1 or 2 words, list benefits for followers, who is the account for, contact info and your link (preferably a freebie). Find dream collaborators through direct message. Show your work and create continuity (color, light & esthetic). Hire a photographer or take a course on photography. Use a scheduling tool to save time during the month. Batch all of my work together at once for the month, use Planoly & Later as my scheduling tools that automatically publish my posts to my feed and stories. Posting to my feed twice a day, using the 30 hashtags with a mix of highly posted hashtags and low posting hashtags, as well as using all 20 mention tags on your posts and using the geo tag (which I post it to different parts of the world everyday), also finding out when your posts have the most engagement and posting them at those times. Creating stories, also batching those for the month and posting one a day, you can schedule stories in Planoly and your able to put 10 hashtags and 10 mention tags on each story. Also, don’t forget to save your story as a highlight, have your main highlight categories with highlight cover photos and names. IGTV is a newer way to share longer Instagram videos and I have been uploading a new video of makeup tutorials and cosmetics each day with searchable keywords. I am new to IGTV so once I feel that my videos are being viewed more often than I will cut back on the posting a video a day, maybe minimum twice a week. Don’t forget to engage with your followers, like and comment on their photos. Find followers within your niche to follow and follow everyone that follows you and use the rule like, like, follow.


Pinterest Strategy- Use your profile page the same way you would theme your instagram with your cohesive theme and brand, use the same profile image across all platforms. In your name put your business name and what you do, in your bio use as many keywords as you can so your profile ranks in SEO. Create boards in your niche only with keywords in the title and description and make board covers with your brand theme. Using a scheduling tool, Tailwind is by far the best tool to use, you can schedule both Instagram and Pinterest on the platform and your able to schedule each photo to every board if you wanted to. Batch all of your work together, create all images at once and schedule them together. Creating pinnable images with a photo that reflects your brand and the graphics to your post over top. Always create 3 images for each post at a time, later on you can keep creating more to continuously share your content. When your scheduling a pin to all your boards you can add them to your group boards as well and you can post it to all your tribes from tailwind, which maximizes your reach. Use the automatic time slots to pick the best times to have each post go out and it’s best to have 30-50 posts go out each day. Use descriptive keywords on each of your posts and now you can use hashtags on pinterest. You also need to share other pinners content, share 80% your own content and 20% other people’s content. You need to search for group boards that you can contact the creators to join as collaborators on their group board that fits in with your niche. Always create your own group board within your niche and invite collaborators and always make a board specifically for your own content. The tribes are found on Tailwind and you are able to create your own tribe and you are able to join other tribes in your niche. I always follow everyone that follows me and I follow as many people as I can a day and always follow different group boards. Always follow your analytics and adjust your strategy according to the outcome of your analytics.   


You can implement these social media strategies on your Instagram or Pinterest account, I know that these strategies are a general form and not specifically for just the Beauty industry. Anyone and any brand can use them and it will grow your following and your influence on your social media accounts. It will do a lot more for you the just grow your following, it will establish your business online, gain new clients and drive traffic to your blog or website. There are many things that implementing strategies will do and it’s super imperative to accomplishing your goals online.   


You can apply for the Tailwind publishing platform and try it out for free here.. The content planner and the 5 day content sprint challenge is here at Your Content Empire.


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