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Secrets of a Makeup Artist given to you for FREE


Come and learn our Makeup Artistry mini course: Intro to Makeup in just a short time. I am sharing all of my secrets that I have learned over the last 12 years and compiling them into a mini course for all of you to see what our big courses will entail. Hopefully it is something that you are already doing or want to do in the future as a career. You are in the right place to start out as a Makeup Artist and to grow your own Beauty business.

makeup course

All about our Intro to Makeup mini course


Our intro to makeup is a mini course designed to teach you all the beginnings of what it takes to become a Makeup Artist. You will be learning from myself, Kristina Aldiena I have been working in the beauty industry for over 12 years. I started my Makeup artistry business over 3 years ago and I have been teaching Makeup this whole time to aspiring Makeup Artists and everyday women. You don’t need to have any type of Makeup Artistry background to enroll in this course whatsoever. You can be a complete beginner or you can be a professional makeup artist who wants to venture off an start a business. This course is for anyone who has the passion and the desire to want more in their life and career, and this will definitely give you purpose in your life and your future.   


Our Intro to Makeup outline


The outline of this mini makeup course: Intro to Makeup will be everything that you need to learn at the beginning of any Makeup class or course. It will be basic and right to the point, it will also be simple enough that anyone could complete the course. The beginning of learning about Makeup you will learn about, makeup tools, safety, skin types, colors, face shapes, color correcting, skin care and basic makeup. It will all be self explanatory and in order of importance to learn.  

The benefits of this mini makeup course


By taking this course it can benefit you in many ways, it all depends on what you are interested in taking the course for. If you are a makeup beginner then you are either taking this course to see if doing makeup is something you want to do as a career or you are just interested in learning about makeup for your personal benefits. You could also be a professional Makeup Artist who is looking to further their skills or to open their own business. Either one of these works no matter what level you are at, the benefit for everyone is that you are learning or advancing at a new skill and furthering your education with us you can grow into a full makeup artist and beauty business owner.


Want early access to our full makeup course?

You are able to gain early access to our next full makeup course by enrolling in the Intro to makeup mini course. You can sign up here to get your name on the waiting list and when our full makeup course is launched you will be primed with the mini course and ready to jump on in to this amazing Makeup course. There will be many other courses to come everything from beginners to advanced and even starting a beauty business. There will be memberships were we interactively work one on one to learn like you were in a real classroom.  

makeup course

My Makeup Artistry Teaching Background


About 2 years ago I was hosting a Makeup party at my place and there was a few people that showed up that I didn’t know, and it’s always exciting meeting new people who share the same passion as you. Anyways, it ended up that she wanted to learn to become a Makeup artist and I said you know what, come work with me and I will teach you all you need to know. So Alanah came and started working when we had events and photoshoots or weddings and she would even come when I was doing one on one personal sessions so that she could learn as much as she could. She was very dedicated and passionate about what she wanted to do with her future and I loved that. I even gifted her with a full makeup artist kit so that she could do her own work and venter out and see what her career has in store for her. And she did and now she’s doing hair and photography with the makeup and shes grown alot since the beginning. I know it can be a lot different learning online, but that is why it will be a lot of videos and personal work at home and with the full course there will be one on one work, no matter where you live in the world.


What makes my courses to much different from what is out there already is that everything is basic for the beginners and you move up levels to where your at in the makeup game. I will be working with my members one on one to get that interactive feeling that we are there together. I want you to come join our tribe of Makeup Artists and Makeup Lovers around the world. Take this first step towards your career in Makeup by enrolling in our free mini makeup course for beginners. I can’t wait to watch you learn and grow, I am so excited for the near future.    

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Kristina Adleina

Hey Dolls, It's Kristina Adleina here and I want to welcome you to my Blog or back to my Blog. I am a Professional Makeup Artist & Instructor and this is my blog on Makeup, Makeup Artistry & how to start your Beauty Business. I hope you enjoy what you find and if you have any questions you can contact me here Contact Page.

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