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10 Of The Best Makeup Artist Tips Actually From A Makeup Artist

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makeup artist tips

Considering that Makeup is my forte, I want to share my favorite Makeup Artist tips that I use every time I do a clients Makeup. When working with clients before weddings, photoshoots or on set there are many hacks that I have created or learned along the way in the 12 years that I have been doing Makeup. Most of these hacks I like to pass along to my clients while I am working on them, or when I am teaching aspiring Makeup Artists the tricks of the trade. Who wouldn’t love to have multiple different hacks to use when they are preparing their skin or doing their makeup. I know that these Makeup Artist tips have made my makeup applications go much smoother and save your life when your in a crisis and on a time crunch. These simple but sometimes weird hacks are what makes my job a bit easier every time.

Exfoliating Skin

While preparing the skin, it is best to always start off with a clear canvas, the easiest and simplest way to do that to give the most effect and best for all skin types is to use an aloe vera based enzyme peel. I use Aloette’s Aloe Vera Enzyme Peel, which takes 60 seconds to do, with no mess at all. It is super safe for the skin types and aloe vera is perfect for everyone. This enzyme peel works like a charm and removes all that dead skin in no time. Aloette’s products are all aloe vera based and are honestly simply amazing for you skin. You can find the enzyme peel here

Moisturizing Skin

Once you are done with your peel and your skin is exfoliated, I always apply micellar water, which is water with an oil base and this can be used for just about anything. I use it as a makeup remover, skin cleanser, toner, moisturizer and to clean and fix up any mistakes you make while applying makeup. Micellar water is a miracle water and I have been using it for many years on my own skin. I suffer from rosacea and acne, so my skin is ultra sensitive and this is what I use to clear it all up and to maintain it from coming back. So, micellar water is perfect for every skin type and just about anything that you need to clean or correct.

makeup artist tips face oil

Oily Skin

Using oil is something that can also be used for multiple things, you might not believe this but oil is a perfect moisturizer for any skin type. Especially if you have oily skin or acne, using oil on your face will counterbalance the natural oils in your skin. After about a week of putting it on your face at bedtime you will begin to see a decrease in the natural oils on your face and eventually your skin will not be oily any more. I love using it on my clients because it really helps to get rid of any unwanted dry skin before putting makeup on. But, if you are going to put it on before you apply makeup, make sure to remove it with micellar water or setting spray before putting your makeup on. We don’t want to see any oil residue through your makeup. The best oil for your face would be coconut oil, rosehip seed oil or jojoba oil.


Always use primer underneath all your makeup, by not applying primer you are wasting all your hard work on your makeup application. I always start off with an exfoliated and smooth canvas, moisturized of course and then spray with setting spray. Then apply your primer all over your face and be careful not to rub it in, but rather dab it in with your dampened beauty blender. Once it is dry you will spray it again with your setting spray before beginning to apply the makeup. I also will use 2 types of primers and mix it together so that you can create more benefits for the skin. Using the correct primer for the exact skin type, for aging skin you can use an anti aging primer along with a silicone primer to set it in all the fine lines and pores. For much younger skin, you could use a dewy primer mixed with a silicone primer to give it the dewy effect but also having the full coverage primer that will cover all the large pores and keep away the shine. There are many types of primers and being a makeup artist you will want to carry one of each type that is needed, liquid for all skin types, oil based for very dry skin which contains more shine, cream based for dry skin, water based with a transparent cover for all skin types especially acne prone and blemished skin, mineral based suitable for all skin types even sensitive. The texture of the primers fall into these categories, matte designed for oily to combination skin that will provide satin results with no shine and shiny with shimmering particles added to the formula for a pearl and radiant complexion. Then the primers have specific coverage which included, invisible which is suitable for brighter skin,which included toning moisturiser with water based tinting which can included some sunscreens that will provide a natural and flawless look of your skin, Average coverage which cover 60% of uneven skin, try avoiding water based formulas so that you can be provided with the best results for even skin. My variety of primers include anti aging, dewy/radiance, matte, silicone, minerals  and color correcting. They also come in multiple formulas cream, liquid, oil, spray, lotion and balm. Sensitive skin and rosacea can use aloe vera gel as a primer and it is great to carry in your kit. You can decided on the variety of primers to carry on you but as it is with every makeup product that there is in my kit there is always a large variety of each product so that I am prepared for any skin type that I am working with.

makeup artist tips foundation

Fixing Foundations

Also, using oil on your beauty blender to dampen it before putting on your foundation will make the application much smoother and the more oil you apply the sheerer the foundation will become. This works best with full coverage foundation or cream foundation and cream makeup products. You can also apply the oil straight to the cream foundation or any cream base makeup to create a smoother consistency makeup coverage. You can work with a variety of face oils or coconut oil to create a flawless makeup coverage. This technique also works well with any cream based face paints.

makeup artist tips cream blush

Cream Makeup Products 

Always apply any liquid products or cream underneath the foundation and setting powder. By not doing so and applying everything on top of your set makeup the cream will not be able to blend in properly and it will cake over. Anything like liquid highlighters, cream blush, color correctors, cream contour or any face products that come in a cream or liquid form that are not a foundation or concealer need to always go underneath the foundation to achieve the best results. I do apply my concealer before the foundation as well, then putting a foundation or tinted bb cream over top and if you still have imperfections that are not covered as well you can apply a bit of the liquid concealer over top then setting it with the translucent setting powder, then with a small eye shadow brush take the setting powder and dab it on top of your imperfection and let it sit as you would bake your face. Always use yellow concealer to color correct all redness, acne and scars, use it to brighten up all problem areas.  Remembering that if your foundation is to thick you can always apply a few drops of oil to it to make it more sheer. Then continue applying all powder contours and highlighters before setting your makeup.

Powdered Eyeliner

When applying eyeliner, use black eyeshadow or brow shadow with a thin angled brush. Always wet the brush with water or setting spray before dipping it into the shadow, then apply the desired amount to the upper lash line. By wetting your brush before hand, it allows the eyeshadow to stick to the brush, there will be no fall off and it will apply on the eyelid smoothly and more pigmented. By using the eyeshadow this allows anyone who is new to makeup to apply it in an easier fashion and if you make a mistake it is super easy to wipe off and start again. I would suggest using q tips with some micellar water on it to remove any mistakes. To prevent mistakes from happening, you can use a scotch tape just under where you want your winged liner to be and when you are finished, you just remove it. There is such thing as eyeliner shadow now and Aloette does carry it on their website, I absolutely love this product because when it dries it actually looks like you used a liquid eye liner. I am sure there are other makeup companies that carry the same type of product as well. 

Liquid Eyeliner

For more experienced artists who do use a liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner well, to create amazing winged eyeliner effects. When applying the eyeliner always apply a powder eyeshadow over top to seal it in, applying it with an angled brush directly over the existing eyeliner. Always remember to start your eye makeup off with a primer, and eyeshadow primer or a full coverage concealer will do the trick, I set it with powder so that nothing will crease and your makeup will be very pigmented and stay in place. Most of the time when you don’t apply anything over the liquid eyeliner, it tends to start to run later in the day when sweat and humidity are involved. Remember to always set your makeup with setting spray at the end and this will give that extra lock in for your eye makeup. The last thing you want is for the makeup to run and for your look to be ruined half way throughout the day, especially when you are doing makeup on a client and they are at their wedding or event. You want to do everything to prevent any makeup or eye makeup to ever run, so you need to take every step you can to prevent this from happening.

False Eye Lashes

There are multiple ways to enhance your clients eyelashes, you can use false lashes, single or cluster lashes, there is now magnetic lashes, they can opt to just use fiber lashes or use nothing. If they choose to use the fiber lashes, which most people that find false lashes uncomfortable, to prep you need to cover underneath the eyes with some eye patches or use the cotton pads and cut them in half and you can tap them or wet them with an eye cream or serum, then as you can start with using a spooly to separate the lashes, curl them with an eyelash curler, apply some regular mascara, then begin to use the fiber mascara, applying alternating coats of the lash primer, followed by the fibers and put it on repeat until you have the desired lashes, always using a spooly to keep everything separate and seal it all in with some regular mascara. Instead of using a fiber mascara or false lashes, use mascara and setting powder to build up your lashes. If your client prefers to use false lashes there is certain steps to attain to get your clients false lashes to a comfortable wearing position. First you figure out what eye size they have and weather to use full lashes or thinner lashes, maybe even using the singles or clusters, then you will size them to their eyes and cut the lashes if required always cut from the outer lash. Then you will separate the lashes with spooly, curl them with an eyelash curler, coat them with mascara, then take the lashes and apply white or clear glue by squirting the glue on a paper towel and using a toothpick to apply the glue to the lashes, then let the glue set until it is sticky not by blowing on them directly you can get a small fan or a usb fan that plugs into your phone to fan the lashes and using tweezers apply the lashes to the upper lash line just above the natural lashes and leave it sit, then take a new toothpick and use it to apply light pressure to the middle first then the inner lash and then the outer lash and hold it there for a few seconds, followed by the tweezer pushing the false lashes gently at the end, then repeat on the other eye, once they are dried you can begin to spooly the lashes together and using coats of mascara to lift the natural lashes to the false lashes. Always reminding the client that the heaviness of the lashes will soon disappear as they dry and they will become more comfortable that they won’t even notice them.


Your lips will be the one of the last steps that you do before spraying your face, to being with your lips you need to first apply concealer or an eye primer to your entire lips, you can then set it with setting powder. Followed by lining your lips with a lip liner, you can also use a nude colored liner to line your lips much larger or you can use a clear no color running liner. Another great and useful idea is to use a clear eyebrow stick pomade to line your lips and it will stop the lipstick from running as well. Once you have lined your lips then you can apply your lipstick or multiple lipsticks to create any color that you wish. I use a small flat lip brush to apply lipsticks and I always apply a darker color around the outside of the lips and in the center you can apply the lighter colors. Then when your first layer of lipstick is on you can use a face blotting paper to remove any access oils, then apply your liquid lipsticks over top. Once you have your desired color, can set it with a setting powder or you can also use toilet paper placed over the lips and apply the setting powder with a large powder brush. I always top it off with some powder highlighter in the center of the lips and some gloss on top and spray it with setting spray and your ready to go with lips that will not smudge or move throughout the night. Any bride that you have will be amazed at how a few simple tricks can hold your regular lipstick into place like that. To carry all my lipsticks that I desire in my kit without having bags full of lipsticks, I have a empty deep palette or if you can’t find one go to the dollar store and get a weekly pill container and melt all of your lipsticks with a candle and a spoon, and store them in your palette or homeaid pallette. Put them in a color coordinated pattern starting with all the nudes and beige colors, to pinks, to reds, to purples, to browns and blacks. Always using it by scooping a bit out and smearing it on your palette to mix the colors and applying them with your small flat lipstick brush.

makeup artist tips

These are my 10 makeup commandments that I swear by and I follows these each and every time I apply makeup to a client or even myself. These Makeup Artist tips save you and your clients from having to touch up their makeup throughout the night and they will be so impressed with the quality of makeup application and how you applied it that they will become a regular client for you and your makeup artistry business and they will definitely spread the word about how amazing of a job you did. Always keep these Makeup Artist tips in your back pocket and in your Makeup tool kit. Trust me as you continue to grow as an artist you will have your own set of Makeup Artist tips that you will always use and pass on to your clients and students. I hope these tips will help you as you go along in your journey as a Makeup Artist.  

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