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Here is the New and Improved Guide to Creating a Makeup Artist Kit

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Hey Glammer Dolls,

I have written a blog post previously on everything that should be in a Makeup Artist Kit, everything to do to take care of your makeup and tools, then everything from what a Makeup Artist to an Esthetician needs. You can check out the more detailed version of this post here: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for a Makeup Artist Kit. I personally found the blog post to be a bit long, with to much information. When you have to much information thrown at you all at once, it is to hard to digest and this is something that is super important to grasp to be able to continue as a Makeup Artist.  

So, to make it very simple for everyone that is on their journey to becoming a Makeup Artist or even if you aspire to become a Makeup Artist and you are unsure of where to start or what to do. This is going to be laid out in front of you, very simple to read and to understand. I don’t want this post to be super long or have a million lists for everyone, I want this to be strictly about what’s needed in your Makeup Artist Kit. All of this information comes directly from me and everything that I have collected over the years into my Makeup Artist Kit. So, let’s get into it, here is the new and improved guide to the Makeup Artist Kit.

Here’s what’s needed for you to become the top Makeup Artist:

  • Travel vanity with lights
  • Suitcase on wheels holding all my makeup bags
  • 6 black makeup bags face makeup, lip makeup, eye makeup, facial kit, eyelashes and disposable supplies
  • Face makeup bag:
  • Multiple colors & skin types of primer
  • Multiple colors & skin types of concealer
  • HD concealer
  • Color correctors
  • Multiple colors & skin types of foundation
  • HD foundation
  • Loose setting powder
  • Compact face powder
  • HD setting powder
  • Eye makeup bag:
  • Eyeshadow primers & bases
  • Multiple colors eyeshadow pigment
  • Black & Brown gel eyeliner
  • Multiple colors of eyeliner
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Black pen tip eyeliner
  • Black & brown eyeliners
  • Multiple colors of glitter eyeliner
  • Multiple colors of eyebrow pencils
  • Multiple colors of brow shadow
  • Multiple colors of brow pomade
  • Multiple colors of brow mascara
  • Clear eyebrow gel mascara
  • Multiple black mascaras (different sizes of wands & each do different things to eyelashes)
  • Lips makeup bag:
  • Lip chap
  • Lip scrub lip moisturizer
  • Clear Lip gloss
  • Multiple colors of lipgloss
  • Multiple colors of glitter lipgloss
  • No bleed lip liner
  • Skin color lip liner to fix around lips
  • Multiple colors of lipliner
  • Multiple colors of jumbo lip liner
  • Multiple colors of liquid lipstick
  • Multiple colors of lipstick
  • Multiple colors of lip paint
  • Funky colors for lips
  • Lip gloss palette
  • Facial kit bag:
  • Makeup remover
  • Micellar water
  • Face wash
  • Face scrub
  • Face toner
  • Face cream
  • Face oil
  • Face masks
  • Eye cream
  • Hand cream
  • Lip chap
  • Instantly ageless cream
  • Eye patches
  • Disposable supply bag:
  • Beauty blenders
  • Face sponges
  • Disposable mascara wands
  • Disposable eyeshadow wands
  • Disposable lip gloss wands
  • Disposable makeup scoopers
  • Qtips
  • Cotton swabs
  • Cotton pads
  • Kleenex
  • Paper towel
  • Face wipes
  • Blotting Papers
  • Wet qtips to clean inside eyes
  • Headbands
  • Hair ties
  • Bag with all extras
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Alcohol & water spray
  • Brush cleaner & water spray
  • Towels, face cloths
  • Smocks
  • Mirrors
  • Face spray
  • Setting spray
  • Eyelashes bag:
  • Eyelash glues
  • Clear eyelash glue
  • White eyelash glue
  • Black eyelash glue
  • Eyelash scissors
  • Eyelash curler
  • Eyelash Tweezers
  • Eyelash applicators
  • Applying sticks
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Single eyelashes
  • Cluster eyelashes
  • Smaller eyelashes
  • Regular eyelashes
  • Wispy eyelashes
  • Full eyelashes
  • Voluminous eyelashes
  • Feather eyelashes
  • Dramatic eyelashes
  • Bag with pallets
  • Eyeshadow palettes:
  • Neutral eyeshadow palette
  • Vibrant eyeshadow palette
  • Dark eyeshadow palette
  • Glitter eyeshadow palette
  • Shimmer eyeshadow palette
  • Matte eyeshadow palette
  • Contour palettes:
  • Matte contour palette
  • Shimmer bronzer palette
  • Light contour powder palette
  • Dark contour powder palette
  • Light cream contour palette
  • Dark cream contour palette
  • Highlight palette:
  • Matte highlight palette
  • Shimmer highlight palette
  • Multiple colors highlighters
  • Liquid highlighters
  • Foundation palette:
  • Light cream concealer palette
  • Dark cream concealer palette
  • Color correctors palette
  • Light cream foundation palette
  • Dark cream foundation palette
  • Light powder foundation palette
  • Dark powder foundation palette
  • Yellow loose & compact powder
  • White loose & compact powder
  • Translucent HD loose powder
  • Lip palettes:
  • Multiple colors lipstick palette
  • Multiple colors lip gloss palette
  • Makeup brushes:
  • Makeup brush portfolio
  • Makeup brush belt
  • Makeup brush container
  • Makeup brush cleaner
  • Brushes:
  • Face brushes:
  • Big fluffy brush
  • All over brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Blush brush
  • Bronzer brush
  • Contour brush
  • Highlight brush
  • Large powder brush
  • Small powder brush
  • Eye brushes:
  • Many big fluffy eye brush
  • Blending brushes
  • Crease brush
  • Packing brushes
  • Detailing brushes
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Angled brush
  • Lip brushes:
  • Lip liner brush
  • Lipstick brush
  • Lip gloss brush
  • Clean up brush
  • Eyebrow brushes:
  • Angled brow brush
  • Spooly brush
  • Face blenders:
  • Face sponges
  • Beauty blenders
  • Tools:
  • Tweezers
  • Sharpener
  • Eyelash curler
  • Scissors
  • Steril Makeup scooping tool
  • Empty artist palette
  • Mixing tool
  • Extra disposable wands:
  • Mascara spoolie wand
  • Eyeshadow wands
  • Lip gloss wands
  • Qtips

Creating your Makeup Artist Kit

This Makeup Artist Kit list is definitely long, but this is what it takes for you to reach your full potential as a Makeup Artist. As I’ve stated before if you are just starting out as a Makeup Artist then this is not exactly where your makeup artist kit is going to start out as. My recommendation to you if you are an aspiring Makeup Artist is to start off with your necessities, you need to have the absolute minimum requirements to complete a Makeup look. I did put everything out inside an older post about what the minimum requirements are to become a aspiring Makeup Artist. You can go back and check out the blog post about what you will need to start out as a Makeup Artist here: Here is my Ultimate Makeup Collection.

Established Makeup Artists

For the established Makeup Artists, it’s always great to continue to grow yourself as an Artist, to grow your kit to be able to produce more work in various niche’s of Makeup Artistry and also growing your education as an Artist and to always be learning is something that is very important as a Makeup Artist, to help stay on trend with what’s hot right now. This list that I have created is what is exactly inside my personal Makeup Artist Kit as an Artist today. It has taken years to get to where I am now and it has taken this whole time to grow my Makeup Artist Kit to where I feel I can produce multiple looks on multiple women, with different skin tones and various skin issues and all at different ages. This variety is something that you need to be able to go to the next step in your career and it will not hold  you back to just any type of client or event that you will be working.

The Makeup Artist Business

Creating and having your Makeup Artist Kit is the number one thing that you need to become a Makeup Artist and this is why I am spending so much time on it in the beginning. This will be what is going to help you to start your own business as a Makeup Artist or work as a Freelancer, this will help you to book multiple jobs and events and to create an income stream for yourself. So, it is very important that this be your first goal, because you can’t even practice makeup or take a Makeup course if you don’t have your Makeup Artist Kit. Focus and be aware of your future as a Makeup Artist and you will create your own destiny.

Makeup Artist Kit Printable

There is also a free printable download for you on this entire list that I have create just for my amazing Glammer Dolls. This is something that you can print out and keep track of what you have and what is still needed for the future. These printables are always going to be helpful for you to keep track of your Makeup Artistry Business, so always make sure you sign up for whatever it is we have for you because organization is key to success. And I want you all to succeed and to move forward in this industry and do amazing things. We have many more things coming up in the future that will help you all do great things and to learn as much as you can about this business. Stay tuned and we will chat soon, if anyone does have other makeup products or tools that they use that is a life saver for them and their makeup artistry applications. Leave a comment down below to let us know what those products might be.



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