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For the first time ever the ultimate makeup artist guide 101

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For the first time ever The Ultimate Makeup Artist Guide 101

When you decide that you want to become a Makeup Artist or your just starting out in the game, it’s best to have some type of guidance in the beginning. With any new career in the start it can be confusing and sometimes even difficult to understand where you need to start out. My Makeup Artist Guide will help you with everything you need to start out as a Makeup Artist. Now, I can’t help with just any old career, my specialty is Makeup Artistry. This is the main topic in my career so I can definitely assist you all with what it takes to start out as a Makeup Artist or better yet start your own freelancing business as a Makeup Artist.  

Before we get into all the little details about the Makeup Artist 101 Handbook, I have created an actual printable version of the Makeup Artist Guide 101 Handbook . This will all be about the first steps into starting to take on your own clients as a Makeup Artist. Each page inside the handbook is everything you will need to start out, download the file, save them, edit them and print them out. They will be pages that you need for each client you work with, print out copies and staple them together to create books for each client that you work with.

Inside the Makeup Artist Guide 101 Handbook it contains makeup face charts, makeup consultation charts, client record card, makeup artistry contract, service agreement, photo release form, makeup artist kit checklist, hairstyling kit checklist and a weekly booking calendar. Everything inside will come more than handy with every client that you meet with. Make sure to print out multiple copies of each and to save them to your computer. 

I have created these templates for you to use because when I first started out, I have to create everything myself. Trying to figure it all out when I had no clue on what to do or how to do it, it really left me lost and misguided. But now that I am aware of what is needed and what it takes to start out the right way, I am able to lend a hand and assist anyone out there who isn’t so she where to start or what to do to get there.

For your client booklets that your going to print out for each new client, your going to want to put the makeup face charts, makeup consultation chart, client record card, makeup artistry contract, service agreement and photo release form. For the most part the only thing you would need to add for your repeat clientele would be a makeup consultation chart and a makeup face chart if needed. In that case you can print out your client booklets and then print out singles of the face charts and consultation charts, so you can add them when needed.  

Also, the makeup artistry kit checklist and the hairstyling kit checklist is more for yourself so you know what’s needed to create a kit for your studio or to travel with. It’s also useful to keep track of the items that you have when your working on location and when it’s time to pack up you can use the checklists to keep track of all your products so you don’t lose anything. It’s also great to keep track of all new products you need to purchase to replace inside your kit.

There is a weekly booking calendar sheet inside the handbook and you can print out enough for a month or a year, punch holes and insert them into a binder. This will allow you to record all appointments and future appointments and even if you take last minute or walk in appointments. If you have more then one employee, I would recommend printing them out for each Artist or Stylist. I created the calendar template inside of with the grid elements, so it’s easy enough to go and create your own to make it more customizable to yourself.  

Remember that you can copy and paste each page into the Word program or google drive docs and you can customize each form or contract more to your business. This helps with branding and establishing a strong business presents. This is not going to be under copyright if you choose to customize the information on your contracts and forms. But, you can not try to sell or giveaway the templates under your name or with your information on them.

Make sure to opt in with my email signup form to receive your Makeup Artist Guide 101 Handbook. Head over to my signup form and input your email and you will receive the download right away, make sure to save it to your computer. Then you can copy and paste it to edit each page and print them out. Then you are on your way to starting your very own freelance makeup artistry business. Good luck with everything and I hope all your future endeavours are amazing, also stay tuned for all the latest ways to start your own beauty business.  


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