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Normally I write about Makeup and Makeup Artistry, but my blog is also about Business. The Business side of things can be sometimes complicated and much more work, but if you don’t focus on all aspects of what makes a Business a Business then you are not going to grow and succeed. One of the biggest parts of my Business is Social Media, I am on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and all of the above, but my main platform is Instagram. Instagram has many new features coming out all the time, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. But the Instagram Stories are what I have been focusing more of my attention on these days and Instagram Stories & Highlight Covers is what I am going to share with you today. We can go over a bit about the Instagram Stories and what I use to create my stories and as well as the Highlight Covers. When your done here today you will have beautiful Instagram Stories & Highlight Covers to make your Instagram Feed pop and to create more attention to what’s trending now.


There will be an amazing of variety of Instagram Story Highlight Covers for you to download today and add them to your Instagram accounts today. I have something for everyone to enjoy, with a variety for both men and women, with multiple colors and patterns for everyone to share and brighten up your Instagram. All you need to do is download the Instagram Story Highlight Covers here.


Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a huge part of Instagram, it is a great way to show behind the scenes of your business, about the team and it’s a personal way to grow your following. It took me many hours of research and watching youtube videos to learn all that I can about Instagram Stories and how to edit them to fit your personality and your brand. Basically, it’s short snippets of videos and photos that you can edit and create however you want to, so that it’s in line with your brand, your mission statement and your Instagram feed in general. You also have the Instagram stories highlights, which is on your main feed and you can add your stories into the highlights in multiple categories. Now when someone clicks on each highlight they can see all of the stories that you posted in each category in a slide show format. On my Instagram story highlights my categories consist of:

  • Blog
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Shop
  • Portfolio
  • Promos
  • Makeup
  • Lessons

With each of these categories I am able to present my own spin on my story highlights, with taking stories that I have posted and pinning it to each highlight. You can have which ever highlights that suit your business or your brand, but choose things that you post about and things that fit in with what it is that you do. You can also post other peoples photos and videos onto your stories, by having an instagram repost app like ‘REPOST’. This will also display there instagram name and it will help you have a variety of posts for your instagram audience, but still within your niche and on topic with your highlight categories. When posting your stories always remember that you can use 30 #hashtag and 20 @mentions on your photos and you can pinch the screen to make it so small that you can’t see it but you will still get the same exposure as a post in your feed.


Editing Instagram Stories

There are many tools that you yourself can use to edit your instagram stories right from your phone, I will share some of the apps that I use to create my stories. Each editing app does something different and you might have to edit your photo or video in a few apps to get the end result. But all you need to do to make your job easier for next time is to play around with the editing apps and see exactly how they work.

  • Hype Type
  • Boomerang
  • Glitchee
  • InShot
  • Instasize
  • Snapchat
  • Photofy
  • Jane
  • SNOW
  • Canva
  • Repost
  • DU Recorder

These are the exact apps on my android phone which I had downloaded through google play, but I know that there are if not all, most of the apps on the apple itunes store on the iphone. I use the first 10 on my list is all photo editing apps and to get some certain effects you might need to use a few apps on the same photo to achieve the end results that you might want. The last 2 on the list I do use for my instagram stories, the repost app comes in handy when wanting to share someone else’s photos or videos to your stories or even to your feed if you want your instagram feed to be all curated content in a certain niche. The DU Recorder is to record your own phone screen, to show someone how to do something for your website or how to get to your blog and so on. There are many things that you can do to create your instagram stories directly from your phone, so play around with these apps and see for yourself that it really isn’t that hard to make instagram stories from your phone.


Highlight Covers

Highlight covers for your Instagram stories are what’s on your main feed directly underneath your bio, there will be your story highlights that you can add in the circles. You can create the highlights and use them to show of your brand, your products, your team, behind the scenes, new blog posts, lessons, your work or promos. These are just a few of the things that you can use these highlights for, you put the name of your highlight and then you post highlight covers first and you will make them all the same and you can use words or photos that are relevant to your highlight story titles. Now when you have the highlight covers thats what will be on the main feed, so you will want to be on brand and within your niche. Now when you add your stories you can choose which highlight category and on the story you add it to your highlights and choose the appropriate category. You can also add your story to your facebook stories as well.


Editing Highlight Covers

To edit the highlight covers you are going to head over to Canva and create an account, if you don’t already have one. You can also download the canva app on the google play store and if I am not wrong they have it for the iPhone as well. There are many templates for all social media photos in the perfect size and fit. Head over to ‘Your Story’ and choose one of the templates, then choose one or a blank one to create your own template. There are many options you can choose from, so click on your template and start to create your highlight covers. I got a certain background that goes with your brand and your color scheme, then you can add your photos or your words to the highlight covers. It is very simple to do this in anyway that you want, I have created a few highlight covers with different styles, colors and backgrounds. I have them for you to have and use on your instagram highlight story covers to stay on brand and to help draw attention to your profile feeds and to help boost up your instagram story game today.   

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