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This is why Brides are the most difficult Makeup clients

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bridal makeup

This is why brides are the most difficult makeup clients


Booking makeup for wedding parties is a huge part of your business’ income. Bridal parties range from 3-7 ladies and if you do both hair and makeup then you delivering the full package to your clients. But booking wedding parties can be much more difficult than you think, I can’t even count how many brides I have booked and done trials with that have ended up canceling on me in the end. I am going to share with you what I have learned over the years and how to perfect on booking those bridal parties for either makeup, hair or both.

bridal makeup

Brides on their Wedding day


This is one of the most important days in a bride’s life, this day is the ultimate special day but it’s also the most stressful day as well. This is something that we need to fully understand in order to work with brides on their wedding days. We need to be fully supportive and relieve as much stress as we can in the Beauty department for the bride and her bridal party on this big day. So, being attentive and organized is key, knowing and understanding what the bride wants with her makeup and hair is huge and following directly through with exactly the look that they want. And being organized is something that you absolutely need if the bride feels that your unorganized they are going to pass. Make sure that you arrange with everyone the times that you’re going to be there and how long each ladies will take and make sure that you give them enough time to get in their dress, prepped and to their venue for photos.  


Booking other Artists for Weddings


When you book a large or even smaller bridal party the first thing you need to do is to hire extra help for makeup and hair. You will definitally need to hire someone that you have worked with before and someone that you know can produce amazing work and trust. Ever since I have been running my own Makeup adn Hairstlying business, I have had the same 2 girls that have worked for me for all large weddings and events. My hairstylist, Angel can do both hair and makeup but she is the best at doing all hairstyles for any type of occasion so she was always my go to for hair. I have known Angel since we were in highschool and we used to hang out when we were younger, so I know that she knows what shes doing and I because I have known her for so long I trusted her with everything. Then a while after we worked together we braught Alanah on board and we trained her with Makeup and Hair and she did both which was great help for us both. Doing something along these lines is perfect is your booking bigger weddings and events and if not just have one artist for makeup and hair. Also, when you can provide both makeup and hair this makes your income grow larger much quicker and your making it all a one stop shop.

bridal makeup

Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial


Brides can be extremly picky and specific when it comes to how their makeup looks, they want to look glamourous but at the same time they still want to look lik themselves. Because makeup can make someone look so different your going to want to go for that inbetween look everytime to book this bridal party. Remembering this is the most important day for a bride and their memories and photos will last a lifetime, so how they look is the most important thing on your list.


Step by step tutorial


1. Primer

To avoid layering too many products on your skin, which can make your make-up slip off, use a lightweight moisturiser with a primer built in. Give your skincare a minute to absorb before applying your make-up.

2. Foundation

When selecting a foundation it’s important to work with your skin type instead of against it.

If you have oily skin – Avoid foundations boasting a dewy finish.

If you have dry skin – Avoid an overly matte formula. A silky matte finish will hold up all day and photograph beautifully.

Try to use a foundation without an SPF as any camera flashes will reflect off the SPF creating a chalky look in photos.

If you plan on spray tanning for your big day, go a few days ahead of time and get your foundation matched a day after.

3. Powder

Powder is always a yes! Use a fine milled translucent formula, it will help set the make-up and blur the look of fine lines and pores without adding any weight. Use a fan brush to apply for the perfect airbrushed finish.

4. Blusher

You get the most natural finish with a cream and can always layer with a powder for deeper pigment and the longest wear, but the right blusher also depends on your skin type.

If you have dry skin – You definitely want a cream.

If you have oily skin – Opt for powder.

Blusher should always be placed on the high apple of the cheek (the fullest part when you smile), never too close to the nose and never past the eyebrow.

5. Contouring

I love sculpting with light, it gives the face a lifted and lit from within look. Use a two toned bronzer and highlighter duo. Apply the lighter side to the areas you wish to highlight and the darker side where the sun naturally kisses your face.

6. Eyebrows

Your eyebrows should look naturally full and well-shaped. Use a precision pencil to fill in areas of sparseness with small, hair-like strokes. Finish them with a brow gel to fix them in place and create the look of a flattering full brow.

7. Eyes

False lashes are great for brides! I prefer falsies with a more natural look that help define the lash line but still allow you to look like yourself. Use a gel eye liner and tubular mascara so that your eye make-up is totally tear proof.

8. Lips

Nude, rose and pink toned lips look great on brides. A long wear lip liner will keep everything in place during the big kiss. I also love liquid lipsticks – they last all the way from the ‘I do’s to the champagne toasts!

bridal makeup

Trial run that shit


In order to 100% book your bridal party every time, you need to have the same roadmap to follow with each client. You should always post your work on your website and social media and make sure to post your past bridal makeup and hair. Always get reviews and testimonials from your past clients as well, this will help beef up your wanted factor with all clients. And don’t be afraid to take videos of your work while your doing it before, during and after. Before and after photos work well to, once they see how you work and your end results they know if they want someone who gives results like you do. When a bride contacts you always tell them you will see if that date is available, book a trail run and consultation with them prior to the wedding and don’t be afraid to charge them for your time. If they want to book their wedding date always recieve a booking fee/down payment before they leave the consultation. That way if they do cancel on you at least you are compinsated for the trial run and to book their wedding. Most brides will take advantage of the fact that most makeup artists dont charge for a triall run and they won’t even have their makeup done with you on their wedding day. Also, if you are given a booking fee or down payment it is less likely that they will cancle on their wedding. If it is 3 or more ladies to be done in the bridal party, especially if it’s both hair and makeup you need to hire your other makeup artist/hairstylists so you can get everyone done in a timely fashion and this will decrease the stress if the bride. Make sure you know where your going on the day of the wedding, because we always go to the bride to take some of the burden away from them. Plan out what time to be there for, how many ladies and how long for each and also what time the wedding starts. I always tell the bridesmaids to come first and start with them then have the bride show up later on and spend the most time on her because she is the center peice of the wedding.  


I hope you can learn from my mistakes over the years with booking bridal makeup and hair. This is everything I have learned over time and it is all very much true and this is what you will need to do to book these weddings. I have put together a Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial for you all here… I want to see your wedding makeup and hair photos in the comments.


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