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Ten Lessons Teaching You All You Need To Know About Becoming a Beauty Boss.

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Kristina’s Beauty Boss Interview Questions

I am starting a new series on my blog today specific to women entrepreneurs with in the Beauty industry. I will be interviewing successful and powerful women with a variety of questions to allow you to get a sneak peek behind the brand and what it will take to get you to the ultimate goal of being an entrepreneur. I came up with a set of 10 questions that you will all want to know from these women and they will give you their honest opinion about everything.


The first women to be interviewed will be myself, Kristina Adleina and I am answering these very same questions that I had prepared for these amazing women entrepreneurs. So, let’s jump right into it.


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Kristina Adleina and I am the CEO of Glammer Studio which is a Makeup Artistry Studio, where we do Makeup, sell makeup, teach makeup and even host makeup parties. I am also the creator of this blog Glammpreneur where I write about Makeup Artistry, the beauty business, Makeup and tutorials. I have been a Makeup Artist for 12 years now I started doing Makeup and working in the beauty industry when I was 17. I have also done hairstyling, esthetics, fashion, modeling, photography and events, so over the years I have tried many different things but I always came back to makeup. Then about 4 years ago I decided that I was going to focus on Makeup and start a business with it and almost a year ago I made the leap and began my blog and now I am here.         

What’s your business and explain what it’s all about?

My business is Glammer Studio and I have a makeup studio in my home along with my office and this is where I work most of the time, unless I am working on site for a wedding or photoshoot. I do Makeup Artistry on my clients for many different occasions such as, weddings, photoshoots, parties. I also teach makeup lessons in person with individuals or groups at a time, we even host parties were we teach makeup or do makeovers for the group. I am also teaching makeup  classes online now and selling Makeup online as well. I also have a blog which is based around Makeup Artistry, Beauty, Makeup, Tutorials and starting a Beauty Business. I am newer to the blogging industry and the online business’ but that is what I am working on right now. So, right now focusing on growing my blog, expanding my online cosmetics store and launching my online makeup courses. The way of the world is the internet now-a-days and I know between those online business ventures, social media and doing influencer work that it will all grow to be pretty successful, the only conflict is being patient until you get to where you want to be with your online business’ and not giving up on yourself.    

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What is your business mission statement?

My business’ mission statement is something that you try to keep at the core of everything you do in your business, I have a different mission statement for Glammer Studio, my Makeup Business. Glammer Studio- “My ultimate mission & passion  in life is to make other women feel beautiful with the power of my talent as an artist & to match them with their inner beauty, to give the gift of self-confidence & empowerment and to use the knowledge of my words to help heal their body, mind & soul.” Now my blog/online business has a bit of a different mission statement, but still has the same core values. Glammpreneur Blog- My ultimate mission and passion with my blog and business is to make other women feel beautiful with the power of my talent as an Artist. I am here as a guide to help anyone who wants to take the same path as myself, I will teach and empower you to your greatest abilities. I will make you see and feel how much power you have to be the amazing Beauty Boss that you are destined to be.  

What does your brand represent? And why?

My brand represents all of the women or men within the Beauty Industry and for those who want or have their own Beauty Business. Our brand is representing empowerment of women, confidence, beauty (inside & out), mentorship, strength and positivity. This is everything that you will need to start your own business in the Beauty industry, weather it’s online or in person. They are also the core assets that I bring into my business, which allows me to set my goals and my dreams and achieve them, one step at a time. Every women wants to possess these traits and characteristics, as long as you use positivity and the law of attraction to bring it all into your world then it is possible. I want to be able to set other women up for success because everyone deserves that and these are the core values that I am able to help give them and know that they will succeed at anything they want to do.   

Explain to us about your business today.

In my business today, I know I have achieved a lot compared to my life before focusing on starting my own business. My life before this was full of addiction and mental health issues, I did write a blog post about my life here: The Ugly Truth Starting to focus on starting a business gave me purpose and focus in life, but remember every small victory and success is a big one. I have been able to start my makeup and hair business and branch out doing events, lessons and many other things. As well as now starting a blog, online cosmetics store and working on my online makeup courses. Plus working on social media to grow my online presence and influence. Considering everything I do feel like I have come very far without giving up on my goals, dreams and passions. I have been able to do this all by focusing everyday on growing my business, by working on all the tasks that need to be done that week a bit everyday. Having a clear plan in front of you with your business or launches, creating strategies to help you work everyday to achieve these goals and never losing sight of your dreams and passions. It might seem hard and like your not getting anywhere, but as long as you never give up on what it is that you want then you will get there, slowly but surely will win the race.   

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And how long did all of this take you?

To get to where I am today in my business right now, I started back at the beginning of 2015. I still have a long ways to go, but working everyday on these goals will help you achieve everything that you want to achieve in your business.

Did you have a mentor or aspired to be like someone in business?

I personally haven’t had any mentors in my business yet, but this is why I started my blog so that I am able to reach larger groups of women and to help guide them with the same business ventures I have already been through and still am doing now. There are a few bloggers that I follow that are running similar business’ as me, Renee Barnett of the Beauty Rovand Toni Roberts are two beauty business bloggers that are doing what I want to do, it’s good to have other women in your field that you can look up to for inspiration and to help guide you and this is exactly what I want to be for aspiring women just like you.     

What does the future of your business look like?

The future of my business is bright, I have many many things that I want to pursue and that I am setting myself for everyday and working on it all day by day. I want to have my own online makeup academy and I would love to have a live in person makeup academy on day as well. I also want to have my own cosmetics brand that I am able to eventually run as a direct sales based company as well. I also want to open my own brick and mortar business for the makeup studio and makeup academy and a beauty bus. I still want to continue to work online and do everything that I am doing now times 10 in the future.

Explain how you are going to execute those plans to us?

Having everything written down on paper works the best, with goals and strategies. Having a business plan and launch plan for each thing you are doing inside your business, along with having a blueprint or framework works best. Having everything out in front of you will give you a plan to follow and to help guide you through each step you need to take. I will continue to do everything I am doing and everyday I work a bit more and more on each step that I need to take to get there, because I have already laid down the framework for each thing that I plan the end results to look like with my business. I want each thing within my business to be what it is but at the end times 10, so I am just starting an online cosmetics store now and in the end I want it to be my own cosmetics brand, then selling it online and in my makeup studio and then start a direct sales business model with the cosmetics. With my makeup lessons I do, I am launching an online makeup course, then an online makeup academy and then opening a brick and mortar makeup academy. I have my makeup studio in my home and the next step is to open my beauty bus and then I will open a full Makeup studio and academy. Make sure to lay the groundwork, have your blueprint for your business’, have your strategies for everything that you do (business, blog, social media, content, launches) work everyday on the tasks that you need to do to accomplish all of your goals. And more importantly don’t ever give up.    

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What advice would you give to someone trying to start a business/brand?

First of all know your passion and which niche you want to work in and narrow it down to something specific. Create your business model and business plan, have a blueprint/framework/roadmap for each thing that you do in your business (business, blog, social media, content, launches, courses, ebooks, workshops, webinars) and also create strategy plans for each. Having everything out in front of you will allow you to see what you need to do to attain your next goal and it will allow you to achieve things in a timely manner. Make sure to work everyday and have that time set aside to get everything you need done for your business. Also, thinking positive about your business and using the law of attraction and really wanting, seeing and believing everything that you want for your life and business will help you stay on the right track and allow you to attain your dreams faster. And don’t ever give up on yourself, your business and our passion, that is the biggest mistake that most people do they don’t have a plan laid out in front of them with strategic ways to attain their next goals. Because you can’t be aimlessly working on stuff with no direction or focus on how to get their. Also, people giving up when they are probably so close to achieving their first big pay out in their business and because they are getting discouraged and being negative about all the hard work they put in and wanting to give up and then they do before they even knew that they would make it big. Always try to implement these things in every business decision that you make because this is your life and it really is easier than ever to be able to work for yourself and achieve those big dreams. Don’t ever give up and keep on working hard.  

Well there you have it, here are my interview questions and answers for all of you to read, have some guidance and get inspired with. I hope I have been able to achieve some of that for you all and I hope that future interviews will do the same thing.

I really enjoyed this and I am looking forward to the future of this boss babe interview series. I do have some more in depth information in one of my first blog posts about my life here: The Ugly Truth: All About My Life and then the next blog post I wrote about becoming an entrepreneur here: Becoming an Amazing Entrepreneur. They will both help you gain a much deeper insight into my life and business.

I will be on the lookout for other entrepreneurial boss babes who would like to share their stories about their business’. If you know anyone and would like to nominate them please leave some information on how I can contact them through social media. If you would like to personally share your business successes, no matter how big or small, they are still an inspiration. Please contact me in the comments or you can head over to my contact page. I am looking forward to working and hearing from you, so that you can help change and inspire other like minded women.

Let me know in the comments if there are any specific questions you would like to hear about for your business benefits. I can always add them, because this is all to help you guys. So, don’t be afraid to share your questions and even links to your blog so if one of the readers see something that interests them, they can check it out and follow your blog.

Take care everyone and have a fabulous week!!

Kristina xoxo

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